Invoice Channels

Delek has defined invoices channels based on the type of purchases.  For the majority of our suppliers, the use of Coupa is required.  These are the key things to know.

  • We onboard new suppliers to use the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP). Please see link below for our posted training deck that includes topics like how to register, and then use Coupa on an ongoing basis.
  • Requests to set up a catalogue or integrate to Coupa via cXML should be sent to
  • If you are not linked with Delek in Coupa and need to, you can reach out to and confirm the best avenue for linking together.
  • There is no charge to use Coupa. Their Standard support is FREE.  When registering, Coupa will offer two optional options that do require payment:
    • become a verified supplier
    • extra technical support levels.
    • Neither of these are required to do business with Delek in Coupa.

 Many additional helpful resources are available at:

                        – Help Page | Coupa Suppliers

                        – Webinar Registration Page | Coupa Suppliers

                        – Troubleshooting/ sign in help:

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