Delek US Holdings’ Board of Directors Approves the Purchase of up to $30 million of Delek Logistics Partners, LP Limited Partner Units

BRENTWOOD, Tenn.– November 8, 2016 — Delek US Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: DK) (“Delek US”) today announced that its Board of Directors has approved the purchase of up to $30 million of the outstanding common limited partner units in Delek Logistics Partners, LP (NYSE: DKL). This authorization, which may be executed through 10b5-1 or similar plans, will remain in place until the authorized amount is fully utilized. At the discretion of Delek US, the program may be suspended or terminated at any time. At September 30, 2016, Delek US and its affiliates owned a 59.7 percent limited partner interest, consisting of 14,798,516 limited partner units, and the 2.0 percent general partner of Delek Logistics Partners, LP.

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