Our fuel brands are synonymous with success in raising visibility in the marketplace and driving more sales, from the forecourt to the shelves. More than just an identity for our own locations, Delek US fuel brands – DK and ALON – are supporting over 700 independent distributor and jobber sites across the Southwest. And, as we continue moving into our next chapter of retailing and technology, we’ll be even better positioned to support our teammates’ performance.

Raise your profile and drive your profits with the attractiveness, recognition, and customer loyalty that comes from the power of Delek. 


Sourcing fuel at a good cost and having it delivered when and where it’s needed frequently isn’t an easy task. DK’s integrated refining and logistics platform removes uncertainty and resolves issues before the opportunity arises for them to occur. Utilizing our refining and strategic supply point resources, DK simplifies delivery of quality fuel to you at a value-based price.


Experience can make all the difference. With a heritage of more than 55 years, distributors know that the ALON brand means getting what they need, when they need it. And, because our history includes the retail operations side, we have valuable insights into critical end-customer inventory availability, cleanliness and safety preferences


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