We are a leading provider of premium asphalt technologies and materials, owning and operating seven asphalt facilities within our refinery and terminal network. In addition to asphalt produced at our Big Spring and El Dorado refineries, non-blended asphalt is purchased from third parties. Delek also markets a number of asphalt product formulations.

Our products include commodity, polymer, tire rubber modified, roofing flux, and other specialty products for general driving and roofing applications. We work daily with state agencies, cities, counties, and municipalities, helping them meet quality, cost and long-term performance goals. Our asphalt segment operates under Lion Oil Asphalt, DBA Delek US, which has been in operation since 1924.

To learn more about Delek asphalt, contact one of our asphalt sales and marketing representatives listed on the Contact Us page.


Asphalt Operations

Our Big Spring, Texas refinery produces transportation fuels, solvents, finished asphalt, and LPG.

Our longest-running operation, our El Dorado, Arkansas refinery focuses on gas, diesel, asphalt, and LPG.


asphalt locations


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