Becoming A Supplier


Depending on the type of good or service provided, Supply Chain partners with multiple groups Delek to help confirm security, safety, financial health and risk measurements are in place with every supplier.

Supplier Registration

Upon validation of the other requirements being met, suppliers are asked to complete a vendor profile form, supply W9s, and any other relevant documentation.


Insurance Requirements​

We expect suppliers to hold and maintain insurance coverage relevant to the scope of work and type of goods or services provided.

When relevant to services provided, ISNET serves as our ‘source of truth’ for initial and ongoing evaluating service providers. Safety is an ongoing priority of our partnership; we review ISNET scores multiple times during the onboarding, bidding and procurement processes.


Supplier Invoice Requirements

We expect suppliers to submit invoices accurately, the first time, to lead to timely payments and efficient processing. 

Inquiries on invoice or payment status may be sent to



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