Since Delek’s inception in 2001, our strategic vision has been to merge the acquisition savvy of a private equity firm with the management and operational expertise of seasoned energy industry veterans.

The result is a company that has become one of the more active acquirers of downstream energy assets. Our success, however, has not been solely the result of an opportunistic acquisition strategy. Our growth has hinged greatly on the ability of management to consistently enhance the efficiency and profitability of purchased assets. The good news for our shareholders is that we’re just getting started. 

Since 2001, we have completed multiple acquisitions in the refining, marketing/logistics, and convenience store industries. The merging of assets from across the downstream energy supply chain has positioned us to benefit from a diversified revenue base. By leveraging the synergies, scalability, and operational efficiencies that overlap throughout our asset portfolio, we can create opportunities through the business cycle.

Today, we are a diversified downstream energy company with assets in petroleum refining, logistics, asphalt, renewable fuels, and convenience store retailing. Key events in our history are summarized below:

Date Aquired/Divested Company Assets Acquired from/ Divested to Approximate Price
May 2001 MAPCO Express, Inc., with 198 retail fuel and convenience stores Williams Express, Inc. $162.5 million
June 2001 36 retail fuel and convenience stores in Virginia East Coast Oil Corporation $40.1 million
February 2003 Seven retail fuel and convenience stores Pilot Travel Centers $11.9 million
April 2004 Williamson Oil Co., Inc., with 89 retail fuel and convenience stores in Alabama, and a wholesale fuel and merchandise operation Williamson Oil Co., Inc. $19.8 million, plus assumed debt of $28.6 million
April 2005 Refinery, pipeline and other refining, product terminal and crude oil pipeline assets located in and around Tyler, Texas, including physical inventories of crude oil, intermediates, and light products La Gloria Oil and Gas Company $68.1 million, including $25.9 million of prepaid crude inventory and $38.4 million of assumed crude vendor liabilities
December 2005 21 retail fuel and convenience stores, a network of four dealer-operated stores, four undeveloped lots, and inventory in the Nashville, Tennessee area BP Products North America, Inc. $35.5 million
July 2006 43 retail fuel and convenience stores located in Georgia and Tennessee Fast Petroleum, Inc. and affiliates $50.0 million, including $0.1 million of cash acquired
August 2006 Refined petroleum product terminals, seven pipelines, storage tanks, idle oil refinery equipment, and rights under supply contracts Pride Companies, LP. and affiliates $55.1 million
April 2007 107 retail fuel and convenience stores located in northern Georgia and southeastern Tennessee Calfee Company of Dalton, Inc. and affiliates $71.8 million, including $0.1 million of cash acquired
April 2011 - October 2011 Lion Oil Company, with a refinery, pipeline and other refining, product terminal, and crude oil pipeline assets in and around El Dorado, Arkansas, and product terminals in Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee Ergon, Inc. and other stockholders $228.7 million
December 2011 Pa line Pipeline Company, LLC, with a 185-mile pipeline system Ergon Terminaling, Inc. $50.0 million
January 2012 The Nettleton Pipeline, a 35-mile long, eight and ten inch pipeline system Plains Marketing, LP. $12.3 million
February 2012 The Big Sandy Terminal, a light petroleum products terminal and eight and five-eighths inch diameter Hopewell - Big Sandy Pipeline originating at Hopewell Junction, Texas and terminating at the Big Sandy Station in Big Sandy, Texas Sunoco Pipeline LP. and Sunoco Partners Marketing & Terminals, LP. $11.0 million
January 2013 The Beacon Facility, involved in the production of biodiesel fuels and related activities Beacon Energy {Texas) Corp. $5.3 million
July 2013 The Hopewell Pipeline, a 13.5-mile pipeline that originates at the Tyler refinery and terminates at the Hopewell delivery yard Enterprise TE Products Pipeline Company, LLC $5.7 million
October 2013 The North Little Rock terminal, a refined product terminal in Little Rock, Arkansas Enterprise Refined Products Pipeline Company, LLC $7.2 million, including $2.2 million of refined product inventory
December 2013 The Helena Assets, a 149-mile, 10-inch pipeline that connects El Dorado, Arkansas to Helena, Arkansas and a crude oil and/or refined product terminal located on the Mississippi River in Helena, Arkansas Enterprise Product Partners LP. $5.0 million
February 2014 The Crossett Facility, a biodiesel plant in Crosset, Arkansas Pinnacle Biofuels, Inc. $11.1 million
October 2014 The Greenville-Mount Pleasant Asset, a light products terminal in Mount Pleasant, Texas, a light products storage facility in Greenville, Texas, and a 76-mile pipeline connecting the locations An affiliate of Magellan Midstream Partners, LP. $11.1 million, including $1.1 million of product inventory
December 2014 FTT, a transport company that primarily hauls crude oil and asphalt by truck, including 130 trucks and 210 trailers Frank Thompson Transport, Inc. $12.0 million, including $0.5 million working capital
May 2015 Acquired 33.7 million shares of common stock of Alon USA Energy, Inc. This represented approximately 48% of Alon USA shares outstanding in May 2015 Alon Israel Oil Company, Ltd. 6.0 million Delek US shares; $145.0 million promissory note; $200.0 million cash
November 2016 Divested the retail related assets Sold the assets to Compania de Petr6Ieos de Chile COPEC S.A. Sold for cash consideration of $535.0 million, plus the Retail Entities' estimated cash on hand and working capital adjustment, totaling approximately $16.3 million
July 2017 Acquired the remaining shares of common stock of Alon USA Energy, Inc. Operations include refining, retail, asphalt, and renewable fuel Alon USA stockholders All stock transaction, with each share of Alon receiving 0.5040 shares of Delek US common stock
February 2018 Acquired the remaining outstanding units of Alon USA Partners, LP (NYSE:ALDW). Operations included the Big Spring Refinery Alon USA Partners, LP All-stock transaction. Each common units in Alon Partners receiving 0.49 Delek US shares
Oct 2019 New Albany refinery. Biodiesel fuel. Nameplate Production: 12.5mmgy. Acquired by Delek in 2019 JNS Biofuel, LLC $8 million
(1) Excludes Transaction Costs.
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