Purchase to Pay – Updated Supplier Expectations

Dear Valued Supplier,

We write to inform you of some recent changes and expectation as we grow our partnerships. 
As of December 1, we have initiated the following updates to our purchase orders:


– Terms and Conditions hyperlink on purchase orders
– Required Purchase Order Confirmations (POC)
– Purchase order versions
– Updated invoice submission practices
– Optional automatic purchase order emails
Please see below for more details for each of the updates.


Terms and conditions: 
Updated terms and conditions are available at https://www.delekus.com/terms-and-conditions/.


Required Purchase Order Confirmation (POC): 
Purchase orders must be confirmed via email to the Delek buyer within 72 hours of receiving the document. 
If for any reason you cannot meet the terms on the PO (price, quantity, date, etc), this should be included in the confirmation.


Purchase order versions: 
Purchase orders will be versioned whenever there is any change made to the document – this includes changes to quantity,
price and text.
  All new versions will be shared with the supplier and must be re-confirmed.


Invoice submission: 
Suppliers must reference the purchase order document for updated invoice submission information, purchase order number, line item and latest version on
their invoice and shipping documentation.


Automatic purchase order emails: 
If opted in, Delek may maintain a supplier’s email address to automatically send original and/or versioned purchase orders.


We ask your support in these changes to ensure timely receipt of purchase orders, strong communication and collaboration between our
organizations and more efficient exchange of payments.


 If there are questions about these changes, please contact
your Delek buyer.


 Thank you,


 Delek Supply Chain

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