Honoring Our Veterans


This Veterans Day, let’s show gratitude to the men and women from many different backgrounds who put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms.  At Delek, we are lucky to have many Veterans on our team that we want to express our sincere appreciation to, and share some of their memories of time served. 

“You can spend an hour rolling up a shirt, and it will still be the worst rolled shirt the instructor has ever seen after 20 years.” Memory provided by Rudy Horne. Branch of Service: USAF 2007-2015. Delek Location: Process Controls Engineer, Krotz Springs Refinery


“One of the most notable deployments was spent in Syria where I spent a year delivering mail for the USPS – literally to soldiers in foxholes and trenches in combat zones.” Memory provided by Joe Knight. Branch of Service: Army, 2010-2014. Delek Location: El Dorado, AK Refinery.


“While boarding ships in the Persian Gulf – In support of UN Sanctions against Iraq – We discovered a ship was smuggling Oil. Because it was a smuggler, we confiscated the ship, and I got the opportunity to Captain that ship to Kuwait where it was turned over to UN Representatives.” Memory provided by John Thompson. Branch of Service: Navy Dec 23, 1983 – Oct 1, 2006. Delek Location: Refinery General Manager, Krotz Springs


“During his tour in Mayport (South Florida) from 2006-2008, I spent some time in the same waters as Captain Phillips—the real one, not Tom Hanks—and was part of a team that apprehended more than 30 Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden.” Memory provided by Matthew Reese. Branch of Service: Navy, 2004 – 2011. Delek Location: Tyler, TX Refinery


“You’re under the belly of the helicopter while it’s hovering a few feet off the ground so you can reach up and hook the sling load. This puts a lot of trust in the pilot. Running off to the left while it’s beginning its ascent as the rotor pushes you was a thrilling experience. You will run way faster than you could ever imagine or do a front flip mid trek to the designated hold area if you try to pick up someone’s glasses off the ground as I did. 10/10 would do again.” Memory provided by Jon Gossert. Branch of Service: Army, 2010 – 2017. Delek Location: Network Engineering Technician, Brentwood, TN


If you know a Veteran, give them a call or shoot them a text this November. Let them know you appreciate them.  Even better, treat a Veteran to a coffee or a meal. Where would we be today if it weren’t for these brave men and women?  

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