Delek is on the Road to Paris

Delek recognizes that the global economy is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Our stakeholders – investors, neighbors, and employees – are driving an evolution in how energy is produced, marketed, delivered, and consumed. In November of 2021, Delek announced our first GHG-reduction goal. By 2030, we will reduce our Scope 1 & 2 emissions by 34% through reductions and offsets. This goal is aligned with the Paris Accord’s goal of limiting warming to less than 2°C above pre-industrial levels.

Using 2012 as our baseline, we plan to pursue the reductions via a combination of steps including, but not limited to:
Ø Energy-efficient operational improvements
Ø Transitioning some refinery production away from transportation fuels and towards chemicals
Ø Renewable power purchases, when feasible, and offsets, when necessary
Ø Previously executed facility shutdowns that were later divested

Our pledge is the first step towards a long-term roadmap that will move Delek firmly in the direction of the carbon-neutral operating environment that we expect to exist by mid-century, as envisioned by the Paris Accords. Or, as we like to say around the company, “Delek is on the Road to Paris.”

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