Delek is proud to sponsor this platform as a forum for all Delek employees to celebrate achievements, discuss issues, stay connected with colleagues, and so much more!

With that said, let it be disclosed that by logging onto this Workplace portal, I electronically acknowledge that all Delek US Holdings, Inc. and subsidiaries’ (collectively, Delek) policies apply to usage of this portal, including without limitation the Employee Handbook, Delek’s Code of Conduct, and any and all other Delek workplace policies and procedures. I further acknowledge that I am visiting this Workplace portal in alignment with all policies that apply to me and my role with Delek.

While we hope you will continue to participate in our company’s ongoing dialogue and growth, we would like to note that time spent on Workplace will not be compensated. There is no obligation for an employee to log-on, visit, communicate with or participate in any form on Workplace.

Thank you and enjoy Workplace!

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