Supplier Information

Health and Safety

We expect our suppliers to STANDUP for Safety with us.  We regularly review supplier scoring ISNET
Our Suppliers should ensure their ISNET scores are accurate.

Invoice Processing requirements

We expect suppliers to submit invoices accurately, the first time to lead to timely payments and efficient processing.
 The below summarize our requirements:
– Comply with instructions listed on purchase orders and terms and conditions
– Submit one invoice for each shipment/service rendered
– Match pricing on Purchase Orders and/or contracts
– Submit invoice within 30 days of shipment/service completion

Terms & Conditions

All purchases are subject to terms and conditions as described here or as defined specifically in supplier contracts.

Supplier Updates

All Updates

Hats off to the “Red Hats”, The Members We Count On

What do you do when an emergency breaks out? For most, you quickly leave the area, but for Delek’s Emergency Responders, that’s not the case. These brave members rush to the incident to protect lives, environment, and property. The Delek Emergency Response Teams (ERT) are made up of four disciplines: Fire, Haz-Mat, Rescue, and EMT. These teams consist of employees whose job titles require the role and even volunteers.

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