Benefits Going Virtual

The pandemic changed the name of the game for many companies when it came to in person meetings. The restrictions on face to face effected all aspects of business forcing most companies to utilize a remote work environment and meeting structure, including Delek’s benefit fairs.

Jon Van Cleve, Delek’s
Director of Benefits, knew firsthand the importance of the benefits fairs as the main delivery method in which to inform employees and their families about new and changing benefit options and what action steps were needed during Open Enrollment.


The Solution: 

Delek introduced the Virtual Fair in 2020 allowing Delek to reach employees and their families in their homes.  The fair included features such as an exhibit hall to connect with benefit providers, an auditorium to watch informative videos, and a virtual bag for collection of materials posted throughout the fair, and in vendor boothsDelek continued the benefits fairs virtually year-round to provide information to new hires as well as existing employees whenever needed.    



When the pandemic took its grip, we had to find a way to reach our employees. They were asking about their benefits and wanting to understand what was available to them

This solution has been invaluable in our being able to educate employees and their entire families about our benefit offerings

They can visit our vendors virtually and collect materials and watch videos
We can update the fair often with new and appealing content.”

Jon Van Cleve, Delek US Director of Benefits

Sharing with our Peers: 

Jon was asked to speak at the Marcus Evans Employee Benefits and Compensation Summit. The topic was the implementation and use of Delek’s Virtual Benefits Fair Platform.  The conference was attended by many Fortune 500 companies from multiple industries including airlines, retail, technology, and healthcare.  Jon shared how Delek filled a gap initiated during the start of the pandemic which forced the cancellation of our benefit fairs in our larger locations.  The solution was going virtual.  


Delek reached all employee groups including salaried, hourly, manufacturing, and more
Jon explained the Virtual Benefits Fair experience and rewards:

  • – Even virtually, employees were helped to feel as if they were attending a fair live and in person 

  • – Benefits communication materials and information were available to employees and their family members from the comfort of their home  

  • – Messages were driven of benefit plan design changes, new offerings, and how to access them 

  • – Employees could engage with benefit vendors for direct help and information 

  • – Data gauged success of reaching employees, change behaviors, etc. 


What’s Next for Delek Benefits: 

Companies know the importance of retaining their top talent by focusing on personal and professional wellbeing and providing benefit options that are flexible and diverse. Some additional benefits are being reviewed for the future focused on family friendly solutions like additional childcare, fertility programs, and other wellness initiatives.  Delek will continue its efforts of leading the industry when it comes to employee benefits in this post-pandemic world.   


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