Company Update

Delek Heads Up Update – S2P Project

We’re very excited to announce that we are partnering with Coupa and The Shelby Group to launch an automated Source-To-Pay (‘S2P’) solution. We look forward to and appreciate your partnership with us in this program.

Delek US and Delek Logistics Announce Leadership and Governance Updates

Uzi Yemin to transition from DK CEO to DK Executive Chairman, effective June 2022;
Avigal Soreq named Successor DK CEO

Uzi Yemin to remain Chairman of DKL and Avigal Soreq named President of DKL

Todd O’Malley named Chief Operating Officer of DK and DKL and
Nithia Thaver appointed DK EVP and President of Refining

Leonardo Moreno to join DK Board of Directors

Delek US Holdings Announces Agreement to Purchase $64 million of its Shares from the Icahn Group

— Underlying cost improvements and capital reductions across the portfolio position the company well for 2021
— COVID-19 vaccination uptake provides an increasing demand backdrop going forward
— Robust outlook for the retail segment with line of sight for strong growth potential
— “Capital light” approach to renewable diesel with $13 million option to acquire a one-third economic interest in GCE Holdings Acquisitions
— Expecting another 5% distribution growth year-over-year at Delek Logistics in 2021

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